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Website Design - Royal Python Ranch Barrie launch site

We custom built Royal Python Ranch's website with a few static pages and a content management module for only their gallery collection. With a quickly growing business and a lot of interest in purchasing their home raised ball pythons, Royal Python Ranch required a more extensive outlet for showcasing their available morphs. An additional content management system module was included to allow for the end user to select a specific ball python and the potential availability with cost and information included. RPR became a Spyder Robotics Authroized Dealer for Eastern Canada therefore we also added a Products CMS module.
Including a Twitter and Facebook link on the main template allows for RPR's followers to keep up-to-date with the company.
Most recently Royal Python Ranch added a custom video gallery module to their site with helpful tips and information for their clients.

"We recently started an unusual small business raising Ball Pythons. Tammy designed our logo, created an amazing website and recommended great marketing materials for our business Royal Python Ranch.
Tammy had no problem working with a new subject and did research to create an up to date, and outstanding logo. Tammy chose awesome colouring and listened to my critiquing without any issue. She gladly made any changes I wanted and gave current professional advice.
Best of all, Tammy's pricing was competitive and the service was immediate and she did what she promised.
Thanks Tammy for a great business relationship!

~Ruth and Terry Sommers - Owners Royal Python Ranch

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